Eric J. Landes



Primary Practice Areas

Labor & Employment Law, Social Security, Bankruptcy & Family Law

Law School

West Virginia University College of Law, 2016, Morgantown, West Virginia

Undergraduate School/Degree

West Virginia University, 2014, Morgantown, West Virginia

Why Law?

Different types of legal careers require different skills and satisfy different interests. One lawyer may negotiate the terms of an agreement for the sale of a business, another may draft the agreement, and yet another may defend the terms of the agreement in a court action. The abilities and interests necessary to flourish as a tax lawyer for a large law firm are different from those of a juvenile rights lawyer for a legal aid office.

Different legal practices also share in varying degrees some common skills and characteristics. Skills generally required include analytical thinking, creative writing, research, communication, counseling, problem solving, negotiation and the ability to work independently. The life of most lawyers is not full of the glamour, excitement and financial rewards popularly portrayed. Lawyers must tolerate, and hopefully thrive on, the adversarial nature of law practice and the hard work, long hours, and stress of juggling numerous projects and the competing demands of clients.

Bar Affiliations and Activities

Pennsylvania Bar Association

WVU Pro Bono Distinction Award

West Virginia Certified Court Mediator

North Wales Master Networking Member

Brief Bio

Attorney Eric J. Landes was born and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.   While growing up, Eric played soccer, lacrosse and golf.  When he is not practicing law, he is an avid world traveler.  Eric has visited 16 different countries and counting.  While Eric started his actual practice of law in Pennsylvania with Rick Linn, LLC, he a vast amount of legal experiences.  While in law school, Eric worked as a certified court mediator, participated in the WVU general civil law clinic and found time to also work as an intern at the Social Security Administration Offices of Philadelphia while still finding a way to graduate early while maintaining a GPA of over a 3.0.

Eric currently resides in Pottstown, Pennsylvania with his dogs Ghost and Jezebel.